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Exquisite Classical Louis XV Marble Fireplace Mantel

Give your living room classical French touch by installing this exquisite classical xv marble fireplace mantel. It is a worthwhile investment for people who want to create a classical interior design with French appeal. This fireplace mantel has been in use for a long time and comes with graceful Rococo lines that are inspired by traditional French designs. With this fireplace mantel, you can easily turn your living room into an expensive and illustrious space that everyone will admire. It has a special effect that is appealing to the eye and therefore will serve as the focal point in the room.

marble fireplace mantel

Do you want something that grabs your attention whenever you enter your living room? If so, then a classical Louis XV marble fireplace mantel is what you need. Its design and patterns will catch your eye the moment you set your foot into the room. In fact, this fireplace mantel tends to dominate the interior space, pushing other décor elements to the background. It will definitely stand out irrespective of how many decorative units you have put in place. So, if you want to make a statement with your interior design, do not leave out this amazing décor element.

This hand carved classical Louis XV marble fireplace mantel features two intricately carved legs with acanthus flower designs that will keep your eyes glued to the unit trying to figure out the inspiration behind such detailed patterns. These flora and fauna drops are carefully designed to ensure that they bring out the real value of the unit. Its white shades make it highly versatile and accommodating as it can be used alongside other ornamental elements without a conflict. Since this is a neutral color, you are at liberty to use any other type of shade without distorting the desired overall interior design.

The fineness and accuracy of every part of this classical Louis XV marble fireplace mantel characterizes the outright thoroughness that went into it. It’s a special piece of art that will help you make a statement with your interior space. The understated floral design and shiny marble make this mantel highly resourceful as it can be used in almost any part of the house. If you need a mantel for your bedroom, then this unit is a great choice. It is carved from a special type of marble that holds delicate and refined details. Plus, its creamy ivory white shades keeps it looking new for many years.

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Glamorous Spanish Limestone Mantel

A fireplace is one décor element that seems to refuse to sit in the background. No matter where it is installed, a sleek fireplace will always come to the forefront to provide your custom built home with a new focal point. This glamorous Spanish limestone fireplace will never be in the background. The fireplace simply proves that it doesn’t take much to make a bold statement. Set your living spaces aglow with this modern fireplace design.

This lovely fireplace stands out for its understated, yet glamorous design. The fireplace gives you a hand crafted masterpiece with fine detailing. Crafted from the most ornately of Spanish limestones, this fireplace is destined to bring a touch of splendor and class into your home. This modern fireplace design will add warmth to your space to create an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Just the right atmosphere for gathering and entertaining guests and family alike.


The fireplace is sleek and modern in design with clean lines. The glamorous spanish limestone mantel also includes some unexpected touches, which add an element of intrigue and fascination. The whole structure has a natural stone appearance. The creamy white provides a great way to create drama and accentuate virtually all spaces. The color allows you to de-emphasize any dark colors in the room. To make the most of this stunning fireplace, create a comfortable seating arrangement facing the fireplace. On top of the mantel you can place some of your favorite pieces of art.

This stunning simple creamy white Spanish limestone fireplace has an added benefit of giving you’re a beautifully designed back hearth. This is exactly why we say it refuses to stay in the background. Most designers don’t give much thought to the back hearth. But on this particular piece, the back hearth is given as much thought as all the other parts of the fireplace. Elegance is not left to chance! In this case we worked on it. This well thought out back hearth design allows for easy cleaning using a hand broom and a small flat bladed shovel to scoop up ashes.

This product comes with a guarantee that it will fit into your luxurious space without any complications whatsoever. We are also able to provide some additional personalized touches to deliver a more personalized product for you. For more information about the glamorous Spanish fireplace, don’t hesitate to contact our knowledgeable customer oriented support team at 1-888-272-0630.

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Solid French marble mantel

Interior décor professionals say a fireplace offers the most elegant way to create ambiance in your space. However, not every piece of fireplace will blend in well with your existing pieces of décor. This is why you need to find a fireplace that blends in beautifully with your décor to create harmony. Something that will offer you with all these and much more is the french marble mantel.

With this fireplace you will take pride in owning a truly handmade masterpiece. This is real natural stone – in the form of French limestone. The whole piece is handmade from, yes solid French limestone, hence the name. This is something that is going to basically outlive you! Not to worry, your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will also be able to enjoy the embers from it well into their old age.


french marble mantel

The solid French limestone fireplace is a must have in your custom built home. This fireplace is going to be the first thing that catches the eye whenever you step into the room. It is just perfect for the living room. But then, its use is not limited to the living room. You can have it installed just anywhere where you want it.

Sculptured out of a lovely reddish-brown French limestone with whitish veining The French limestone fireplace has an aged look about it. When you light the fire, dim the lights to allow the room to glow. The interior of the fireplace is done in dark black, a color that is good in camouflaging soot. The black color also prevents ugly marks from being noticeable.

The beautiful crown on this fireplace acts as a shelf on which you can place just about anything including other forms of artwork. The natural beauty of french marble is emphasized with the hand hewn edges and splits on this masterpiece. The simple strong jambs offer the required support to the fireplace’s overall weight.

Our sole mission is to remove dullness from your luxury home. With this french marble mantel you can add a sense of timeless beauty to your living room. The design on this fireplace is simple yet it gives your custom built home a classic finishing touch. The fireplace is made available to you in all custom sizes with room for custom proportioning to guarantee a perfect fit. To learn more about this solid French limestone fireplace, please get in touch with our design experts at 1-888-272-0630.

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The Elegant French Limestone Mantel

When you look at the elegant French Limestone Mantel , what emotions does it stir up in you? I don’t know about you, but this product does something amazingly good in me. It stirs up excitement and passion in me. This is an elegantly designed fireplace. I appreciate great works of art. The fireplace is crafted from French limestone. You can Google about this raw material. Once done you will appreciate its value in your custom built home.

This French Limestone Mantel  in beige is very attractive. It brings inside your custom built home a touch of natural stone – just right for lovers of nature. Are you one?  If you are in love with nature, then at this point you need to keep your emotions in check. The magnificent hand crafted designs on the limestone only accentuate a beauty provided by nature. Expertly crafted by the best craftsmen in the continent, the stone’s quality brings out every detail clearly.

French Limestone Mantel

The inner hearth is designed to keep the ashes right there, where they ought to be. When the ashes are deposited from the burning of logs, all the ashes deposited don’t find their way around your home. The inner hearth does its job perfectly. You will only need to occasionally sweep the ashes once the embers die down. The Stuart is paired with built in storage spaces. That is why it naturally becomes the anchor point in the room in which it is installed.

This fireplace comes with an extensive footing capable of support its great weight. The footing ensures that there is no shifting and cracking. Shifting and cracking tend to allow the fire to escape to combustibles in the room. You can rest easy with this elegant fireplace in your home – you don’t need to keep an eye for signs of movement.

The strong french limestone butt walls on the other hand provide an indestructible perimeter. One thing that is certainly guaranteed by the elegant Stuart is durability. I almost forget, the elegant French Limestone Mantel  will enhance your luxury home to create a chic and elegant indoor seating area. This piece will blend seamlessly with your existing décor.

This stylish fireplace is available in all sizes and it can be shaped and styled to suit your needs and tastes. There is a broad array of things that we can do to customize this masterpiece just for you. For more information about the elegant Stuart fireplace, please contact our design experts at 1-888-272-0630.

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The Milano Tuscan Fireplace Mantel

What is it about fireplaces and names? There say the name is everything. The name gives you an idea of the look and feel of the fireplace mantel. You can create an image of the fireplace in your mind once you are given its name. I normally do this, how about you? If you know your fireplaces, you only need the name to gauge the suitability of the fireplace for your project.

What is the Milano Tuscan Theme Fireplace? It is a stately, sleek modern fireplace. It is the all important accessory that you need to set your space to aglow. This particular fireplace will not just give you a warm and cozy ambiance, it will make life more interesting. It will set the stage for romantic evenings around the beautiful embers.

Limestone fireplace mantel with over mantel

Define your indoor space with this fantastic rectangular natural stone fireplace. The fireplace will help maximize your views beyond while still providing you with a comfy room to take in the fireplace and décor. Crafted from pure white French limestone, the color helps to lighten the look of this new focal point.  This is the type of fireplace that demands attention. Its distinctive style will ensure that your guests are unable to keep their eyes off.

The simple design of the Italian limestone Tuscan fireplace mantel keeps the focus on the stunning corbels. Strong and sturdy the legs or corbels are able to provide the fireplace with great support. The corbels incorporate famous Italian creations with today’s ingenuity in art. The whole piece is a mixture of classical styling with a Tuscan theme.

The fireplace has been thoroughly tested and is listed as a functional and decorative heating solution. The Milano will withstand abuse and if maintained properly will last for generations. The beautiful French limestone ensures that this fireplace ages gracefully. Twenty years from now and the fireplace will still be looking as stunning as ever in your luxury home.

This French limestone fireplace is crafted and availed in different sizes to fit just about any space in your custom built home. If you want it in your bedroom, it can be chiseled to allow it to fit right there where you want it. Every aspect about the fireplace can be custom proportioned to your liking. To learn more about the elegant flowery Italian marble floor mosaic, call our design experts at 1-888-272-0630. We are on a mission to beautify your custom built home, just give us a call and we will give you a product made out of the finest natural stone.

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The Italian Renaissance Fireplace Surrounds

Have you ever heard of the unconquerable mountain? If you do not take interest in world affairs, then you haven’t heard this saying! It is a Chinese saying, a saying whose origin can be traced back to thousands of years ago. Those who love history may wish to learn more about the saying. But what does this saying having to do with your custom built home? Frankly speaking there is so much. I believe that there is nothing like unconquerable mountain.

fireplace surrounds

When building your high end home you will definitely encounter a few hurdles here and there. But with good planning you can overcome virtually anything which crosses your path. Today, on the streets and even in houses people are bundled against the cold. The frigid weather is certainly getting the better of people. Bone chilling cold is finding its way into luxurious homes as well. This to some is one of the unconquerable mountains!

With the Italian Renaissance fireplace surrounds in your home you can conquer the cold. Superlatives of cold talk which abound today would not be part of your vocabulary. The fireplace mantel is crafted from Bianco Calacatta marble. The natural stone caresses you as you walk by. It anticipates your passions and pleasantly surprises you with every turn. Bianco Calacatta simply gives you a durable fireplace capable of withstanding the intense heat generated by the logs.

The Italian Renaissance fireplace is a marble masterpiece that you can use to decorate your custom built home. Its sophisticated design in a unique Italian Renaissance style presents an interesting focal point in any room where the fireplace is installed. The fireplace is elaborately decorated to leave a lasting impression. The décor on the fireplace mantel includes finely hand sculptured carvings of scrolls and acanthus leaf.

This fireplace is simply gorgeous! In its white color it compliments any décor that is present in the room. The side angled jambs and an ornate frieze which displays flawless wonderful flower detail in pure white.

As the National Weather Service predicts more deep freeze you would be enjoying a warm and welcoming space in your luxury home. The roaring fireplace ensures that heat is evenly distributed in your entire home. Over a glass of your favorite drink you can spend long hours sitting down watching the blizzard outside. You can get to learn more about the Italian Renaissance fireplace by simply logging onto Marvelous Marble Design Inc.


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Crown limestone fireplace surrounds


How important is the limestone fireplace surround in your luxury home? Truthfully speaking everything else in the house is a side show – some kind of a curtain raiser. The fireplace surround is the real deal. So you need to invest in a fireplace surround that gives your custom built home a spectacular outlook.

The fireplace surround is definitely your hidden card, a card that you won’t be playing openly. This is going to be the ultimate piece that delivers the killer punch! Anyone who steps into your custom built home’s luxurious space will be awed by the finesse of the home. Everything will be made possible by the fireplace surround.

limestone fireplace surround

But could there be a fireplace surround that is better than all the others in the market? If so, which one is it? As of now the answer is yes. This means that some surrounds will prevail over others. One of the most outstanding, beautifully designed fireplace surrounds is in the form of the Crown Fireplace surround.

The fireplace surround features some unique characteristics which set it apart from all the other surrounds. The Crown as is popularly referred to is rich in detail. The surround is hand carved by professional artisans. The piece is carved from Burgundy’s limestone – natural stone with a clear white patina. The Crown offers traditional styling with a touch of contemporary design.

The crown is naturally durable and it will age gracefully in your dream home. You can use this elegantly designed piece as a surround only or with an added crown. Adding a crown to the surround creates a more spectacular finish. The Crown comes in two. The smaller Crown Fireplace Surround which measures 60.5 inches and the larger one which is 73 inches, measured from the outside edge of the top mantel.

The fireplace marries the visual weight of natural stone with world old charm to the sleek lines and details of contemporary fireplaces. The marrying of the two provides you with the best option to transforming an ordinary fireplace into a stunning centerpiece. It is a truly one of a kind masterpiece with the effect of delivering a unique focal point for your home.

With a beautiful piece in the form of the Crown limestone Fireplace Surround you can order your pop corn, sit back and enjoy the great atmosphere which fills your space. Apart from the two default sizes you can have the fireplace surround customized for your home. To learn more about the Crown Fireplace Surround visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc.



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Tuscany Travertine Fireplace Mantel Design in Boca Raton, Florida

The renaissance fireplace mantel design in Chicago Mansion was designed with the mind of delivering high end charm and personality to the hearth and home areas; as well as offer balance and stability to the whole room. In order for you to get a better understanding of the Tuscany travertine fireplace mantel design, the following is a list of some essential tips you should consider.


Know the purpose of the mantel. Although many units are designed with intention of delivering better usability, others like Italian design marble mantel in Florida mansions are intended to declare the fashion statement of the owner. They deliver stability and balance in a room; as well as radiate natural beauty that makes the fireplace the beauty hub of the home.

Although you can install limestone fireplace surround California personally, consider seeking professional assistance. Most of these units are designed with high simplicity to make it possible for clients without advanced experience to make good use of them. An old hand in the field can help to make some simple adjustments when mounting the unit to make it appear more attractive or become more practical.

Look for suppliers who deliver mantels with hanger boards. There are also some suppliers who offer additional perks such as free installation, delivery, provision with the basic tools or discounted installation cost. Do your homework in order to make more savings.

When choosing between mantel shelf and fireplace surround, the main things to consider include the price, space and elegance you need. Basically, the shelves are cheaper than fireplace surrounds, they require less material for construction.

The German limestone fireplace mantel is among the popular choices among people looking for high-class units. However, remember to confirm whether the fireplace you are planning to purchase does meet the safety standard required in your local area.

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How to Choose The Ideal Fireplace Mantel Design For Your Bedroom in Montville, New Jersey

Many residents of areas such as Texas, Dallas, Miami, Indiana and Toronto in Canada ask the question, which are the correct high ceiling great room mantels with over mantel. Well, there is no wrong or right more so when it comes to the designing of looks of fireplace surrounds. The best design of custom limestone fireplace mantel is simply that which you like and prefer most.  Some people prefer those have more showing edges than the others. 


You should check the codes of fireplaces for the minimum distance that is required. Whether you need modern fireplace mantel design, hand carved fireplace mantel, or limestone mantel with TV on top, you should in all cases ensure that the fireplace satisfies your taste. It should also have harmony with the style of your furniture and home design so that it can warm your heart. If you do this, you can for very many years enjoy your fireplace and always feel proud of its elegant look.


Over time, the fireplace mantels have existed by very many names such as stone chimney piece, fireplace surrounds, fireplace mantels, stone fireplace, cast stone fireplace and limestone fireplace. Whichever the name it is known by, you need to ensure that you choose the ideal fireplace mantel that will give your room unique look that is admirable by any visitor to your home.


The designs are very many and they include classic fireplace, traditional fireplace, French fireplace, European fireplace, modern fireplace design, etc. the choice is yours based on your preferences. You need to browse the many collections that are available online so that you can get many ideas. From the ideas, you can come up with something unique. The home décor experts can bring any imagination that you have in your mind in to reality.  The cost of doing so may vary so you need to compare so as to get the best deal.

You should check the codes of fireplaces for the minimum distance that is required. Whether you need modern fireplace mantel design, hand carved fireplace mantel, or limestone mantel with TV on top, you should in all cases ensure that the fireplace satisfies your taste. It should also have harmony with the style of your furniture and home design so that it can warm your heart. If you do this, you can for very many years enjoy your fireplace and always feel proud of its elegant look.

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Make Your Bedroom Warm And Comfortable by Installing a custom Fireplace Mantels in Manhattan, New York

The installation of limestone fireplace mantel in the bedroom is bound to make it warmer, cozier and more comfortable. Few homeowners may be prepared to take up this challenge and fit the mantel in their bedroom. This does not mean that others have failed to install mantels in their bedrooms. The bold owners have gone ahead to fit features such as unique design of limestone mantel in the bedrooms. 


Your bedroom should be a place where you find the opportunity to rest and relax after a long day or night at work. In order for it to perform its role well, or for you to enjoy it better, you will have to think of creative ways of making it warmer, or cozier than it is at the moment. If you install limestone mantel with TV on top properly, this ought to kick-start the rest of the exercise or project.


Don’t let the location of your house be a hindrance to you as you embark on fitting either a custom fireplace mantels or an Indiana limestone fireplace mantel into your bedroom. This can be done whether your house is in Holmby Hills, San Diego or Orange County, California. As long as you select suitable type of mantel for your bedroom, don’t let the location kill your creativity or put you down.


The fireplace mantel must be installed at the right height from the floor in the bedroom. This will enable it to play a major role in the overall design, style and beauty of the room. Moreover, if you select the right height, you can make the most out of the space that is available in this room. On the average, it is instructive that the height of the fireplace from the floor be kept at a distance of around 18-24 inches.

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Tips to Consider When Shopping For a limestone Fireplace Mantel in New York, New York

The custom and standard hand carved fireplace mantel mantelpieces are now available to home projects and families in various places of the world. The designers can design the custom limestone fireplace mantel that you imagine. Most of them have highly skilled and qualified hand craftsmen to bring your imagination in to reality.  When you are searching for the ideal solid marble fireplace mantel, it is good to ensure that the provider has presence of business in the major cities such as Toronto in Canada, Vancouver, Long Beach, New Jersey and Los Angeles in the United States. 


The role of the fireplace mantel in the home is nowadays not simply a set for heating. The fireplace mantel designs have originally evolved from an equipment of catching up that grate smoke and it is now high-end piece of decoration for most of the homes.  It is nowadays very easy to find highly exotic mantel pieces that are designed by technology of the high end and artistic constructions that have great looks. The antique marble mantel as the name suggest is made of marble.

Others may be made of limestone or wood depending on the house’s interior. It may give the area in which you live or other room a highly magnificent appeal that appeal to those which the others envy. The fireplaces may not be direly needed these modern times because the high technology that is available. You can however display very well the sophisticated taste and manage to place the art and decoration objects on the mantel if you want to get a highly classic and admirable interior.  The concept of high ceiling great room mantels with over mantel has gained a lot of popularity these days. You can check the very many designs and ideas that are available with regard to this design by browsing over the internet.

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Techniques on How to Clean Your Limestone Fireplace Surround in Manhattan, New York

Regular cleaning of the limestone fireplace surround is a task that tends to make the home quite attractive. It does not cost much for you to set aside time to regularly clean this part of the house and as long as you never miss the schedule, can be finished within a brief period of time. The main reason why the fireplace needs cleaning is that it helps limestone to retain its natural color.

By cleaning the fireplace surround regularly, it helps in keeping the limestone from getting damaged by particles of dirt and dust. A simple duster would suffice as you embark on cleaning the fireplace. This is helpful for any person wishing to clean the custom limestone fireplace mantel and keep it free from any dust or dirt. The duster is wiped over the surface of the French limestone mantel in custom built mansion.

A vacuum cleaner is a product that helps as well to keep the fireplace surround clean and fresh. This tool can be used to clean the Limestone mantel with over mantel though caution has to be observed here. As a homeowner, the advice is to make sure that the mantel is polished well after cleaning it. This is done by using a piece of sponge dipped into some liquid soap before finishing by wiping it with a bath towel.

Irrespective of the location of your house, whether you reside in Long Island, Texas or Toronto, it is vital for the French limestone floor to be kept clean at all times. It is these simple steps that can increase the value of a house where it is being renovated or serviced before selling. The fireplace surround ought not to be cleaned in isolation while ignoring other areas such as the limestone hood.

Make sure that the limestone fireplace surround is in top condition and that the surface is kept glossy and attractive at all times.

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Handcrafted Limestone Fireplace Mantels For Luxury Residential’s in Dallas, Texas

If there is one attribute that hand carved limestone fireplace mantels add in the house, it has to be beauty. When the mantel is carved beautifully, it helps the value of a house to be increased considerably while making it all the more appealing than it has ever been. The fact that this type of a mantel is not produced in mass, gives people the chance to customize it as much as they desire.

The hand carving technique ought not to be restricted only to the usual limestone mantels. It can be used to make attractive custom limestone fireplace mantel for any person dwelling in Washington D.C., or Orange County, California as well as Massachusetts. The key is to get the services of a technician with the necessary experience and expertise regarding how to hand carve limestone travertine mantel.

It is impossible to get something with which you can compare any unique design of limestone mantel in terms of beauty. Regardless of your location or residence, the installation of limestone fireplace mantel in Rhode Island mansions is now more than a dream. Interior designers have spread their services far and wide to capture the needs of their clients regarding these types of fittings.

Limestone mantels carved by hand are among the most priceless works of art that enhance the beauty of a home beyond anyone’s comprehension. Moreover, you can customize the use of these fireplace mantels by displaying other items of interest or sentimental value to you above them. The beauty of the fireplace can make this the point of focus for an entire room if it is done in a creative manner.

If you fail to match up a beautifully crafted fireplace with an equally attractive hand carved mantel, you will be doing yourself and your house a huge disfavor.

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Enhance Your Living Room by Installing a Cast Limestone Fireplace Mantel in Dallas, Texas

Cast limestone mantel is one way in which the house can receive a major boost in terms of its appearance. This is a wonderful method in which to keep the house aesthetically preserved. On the other hand, for the mantel to serve its intended purpose, it is important to purchase the one with the high quality design. The workmanship has to be of the best caliber as well for the mantel to be effective as envisaged. 

Home dwellers in diverse cities such as Houston, San Francisco and San Diego are just a few of those to have benefited a lot from installing French limestone mantel in custom built mansion. Whereas some people may get worried about their inability to install mantels in their custom-built residences, the truth is that there is no need to be stressed on this issue. There are multiple ways in which this can be done.

The addition of a cast stone fireplace mantel with remarkable features can go a long way towards helping to meet this need. The options that are available for people interested in getting limestone travertine mantel installed in their houses are varied. Most designers ensure that they present their clients with more than one distinct collection to choose from.

Cast limestone mantel is available in various architectural designs for people to select the one they believe is most suitable for their houses. Whereas people limit their choice of surrounds to the fireplace only, it is a fact that windows and doors can benefit from them as well. The choice of style and design is yours to make and will determine whether the house truly enjoys a boost in terms of its style and elegance.

French limestone fireplace mantel in California is an extra option that a house owner can put up in the piece of property and enjoy a fresh ambiance free from the past limitations.

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How To Choose The Ideal Antique Marble Fireplace Mantel in Manhattan

Are you searching for the ideal antique marble fireplace mantel in Manhattan New York? If yes, you need to take note of the fact that there are various benefits of antique reproduction instead. Designers have succeeded in creating exquisite reproductions of marble antique. An expert is he who is capable of duplicating the real antique fireplaces that have been salvaged in marble or limestone.

antique marble fireplace mantel

Because most of the antique mantels that  we have today such as Indiana limestone fireplace mantel, cast or custom limestone fireplace mantel originally were carved in the marble, most designers in Manhattan New York work in the reproductions  of stone to do.

The expert designers in cities such as the already stated New York, Dallas and Vancouver require the clients to show them for example an antique marble mantel and then let you specify the marble color that you desire and then confirm the real dimensions  that you require.

Additionally, if the client needs patina so that the stonework can be given aged look, the Manhattan New York designers produce the mantel in matte or honed finish. They can also produce limestone fireplace surround that virtually replicates the antique while featuring craftsmanship that is of as high level as the original and in most cases at cost that is considerably less.

By choosing the reproduction of antique, as the client, you can avoid the usually hidden costs of adapting the work that has been salvaged in to site that is in existence. The antique mantel’s dimensions cannot be adjusted easily.  You cannot specify the veining and color of the stone.  If a piece breaks during installation or while in transit, it is close to impossible to properly replace or repair that piece. With the reproduction of antique, the designing of stonework is done to fist the site exactly in the design and color that you have specified.

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Options For Fireplace Mantel Materials

If you are planning to remodel your fireplace mantel, then you are thorn on which material to go in for. The options available are wood, bricks, natural stones and metals. If you design the fireplace in the best way, you will enjoy the comfort and coziness. Apart from being used for heating, a fireplace can be a good decorative furnishing. If decorated using marble designs, it will be a focal point of the room. The main challenge that many homeowners face is that of establishing the best design.

fireplace mantel

For a house that has marble floor, the marble mosaic should be used of the fireplace. This will compliment the looks of the room. Of importance is to be aware of the parts of the fireplace that needs to be changed or remodeled. Many people tend to overlook the fireplace mantel. This is a mistake that affects the overall look of the home. The kind of designs you are going to use on the mantels will determine how different it looks from the surrounding. Mantels come in a variety of finishes and designs.

When you are in the market to buy fireplace mantel fittings, you will encounter different materials. The most common ones are wood, metal, bricks and natural stones. Natural stones like marble are the best option. Marble inserts, if they are fitted with a professional, will give a home an elegant look. They come in different designs and styles that make them stand out in the market. They will complement all sorts of interior designs. They match well with marble carpet. With many dealers of these accessories, it is advisable that you search for reputed remodeling stores you can either make use of online or offline stores. All you got to do is be keen to buy something genuine.

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Information About Limestone Fireplace Mantel Surround

Fireplace is one of those places in which members of family can have some great time together. If you have luxury house in Toronto, Vancouver, Long Beach, New Jersey, Los Angeles or any other place in the United States or Canada, it is highly recommended that you install limestone fireplace mantel surround. 

limestone fireplace mantel

The enhancement of living room with unique design of limestone mantel offers the best way in which you can create classic and elegant look. There are several ways in which this end can be accomplished.  For example, you can incorporate limestone in to various types of mantels with the objective of creating custom décor for your living room such that you end up with fireplace which defines your creativity.

Through the use of travertine cast stone fireplace mantel with TV in over mantel, it is very easy to come up with unique piece. This is an idea that has worked for very many people. It can also work for you as well. Limestone is highly ranked among the most valuable, precious and best stones which can be used for the purpose of increasing the décor of mansions and bungalows so as to enhance the luxury level.


In consequence, the Old Italian mantel piece offers warmth that is combined with aesthetic grandeur that has no equal.  So as to enhance the fireplace even further, you should also try the Spanish emperador light or dark fireplace mantel. There are various designers of mantels in the market but not all are in apposition to offer the high quality stuff that you need so as to enhance the décor and appeal of your fire place.

You therefore need to conduct the basic research online. You should also compare the colors and prices that were offered by the designers. You should not go for the cheapest because it may be of seriously poor quality.

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How To Choose The Best Limestone Fireplace Mantel

Fireplace is traditionally known as a place that is black because of the smoke emitted by the burning wood and charcoal.  The advancement of technology in the 21st century has made it easy top decorate and change the look and appearance of the fireplace. The good news is that there are many options and choices to select from. The many choices have variations in prices and so you have the freedom and opportunity of selecting that which your style in New York. 

limestone fireplace mantel

A fireplace mantel is one of the greatest additions at the fireplace.  It not only adds value to the home but also acts as additional place of storage and decoration. With the various options of traditional fireplaces and electric fireplace mantels that are available in New York, you can change your home’s look and at the same time ensure that your fire place is adequately protected from damage.

What are the benefits of the fireplace mantels in cities such as New York, Houston and Chicago?  As stated earlier, the area that surrounds the fireplace may become dirty because of the smoke that is emitted when you burn firewood. To protect this important area, the limestone fireplace surround comes in handy. It not only provides limestone mantel with over mantel and shelf  at the fixture’s top  but it is also capable  of  protecting the fireplace sides  from too much heat or damage.

From the cast limestone fireplace mantel to the limestone travertine mantel options, you have a very wide choice to select that which fits yours ideas styles as well as the needs of your home.   There is no dispute that sitting around fireplace can be both warm and cool all the time especially when you have the correct solid marble fireplace mantel in place.  All these choices and options are available in local stores and also online.

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Custom Designed Marble Mantel in Beverly Hills Mansion

Beverly Hills is famed for the great mansions that are always coming up by the day. If you are a a resident of this place then you must be greatly attracted to them. You may even have one and for this reason, Custom marble mantel in beverly hills mansion is something that you want to think about. A fireplace mantel is very popular here not because of the fact that it is used to give warmth to your house but also because they make your house look especially decorated. They can be installed in any room of the mansion. This could be in the bedroom, living room or even the dinning room.

custom designed marble mantel

You may also have a suite for your very important guests or you run a hotel here and have several suites for the important persons. Calacatta marble Fireplace mantel in master suite will come in handy for you at any time. You also have different designs to choose from. If you are a modern home owner and want to look current in your choice then you need not worry. This is because the Modern fireplace mantel design is meant for your specific needs.You will get to meet your goal of a modern look when your mantel is concerned.

There are however other designs that you may also want to consider. This is because they have also been designed to give you just the right feeling.The two most common ones are unique design of limestone mantel and Tuscany travertine fireplace mantel design. Your Beverly Hills mansion has just found the perfect touch and you are going to absolutely love being in it at all times. You will have all issues that have to do with your fireplace mantel all covered.

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Custom Limestone Fireplace Mantels

Marvelous Marble Design Inc. is providing incredible custom fireplace mantels for Custom Décor living rooms. They fit the 20ft ceiling high custom built great room in Huston Texas, if you are about to upgrade or install a large custom limestone fireplace mantel, then, its time you are well advised and check out the fine designs that are offered by the Marvelous Marble Design Inc. This wonderful company is established in North America and has branches in Canada and the US. It serves clientele in the lush and lavish neighborhoods of New York City, Beverly Hills, Palm Beach, California, Los Angeles, Long Island, Florida and Chicago, who are either individual owners of exquisite and luxury mansions or the various high class hotels that are found in the Cities.

custom limestone fireplace mantel

Our custom fireplace mantels designs are nothing you will come across just anywhere, only in places where class, art finesse and the touch of creativity is touching the peaks. Made in polished marble, you can find variety such as the gothic design fireplace mantel, large custom limestone fireplace mantel or the hand curved French limestone mantel and your house or rooms will be given a whole new dimension of beauty. Marvelous Marble Inc Company has standing repute for custom fireplace mantels in 20ft ceiling high Huston Texas apartments and hotels. To make our services best suit our clients demands we use customers’ specification to design the custom fireplace mantel that will exude the customers taste, hues or theme. This could be done in choice material like the French Limestone and in choice design which could be one of the many we offer like the marble mantel with TV on top.

Marvelous Marble Design Inc. can upon customers request produce custom fireplace mantel that fits well a 20ft ceiling high rooms as those in Huston, Texas, a customer therefore has absolutely an infinite freedom to choose the specification that will best suit his home. Marvelous Marble Design Inc. also has design specialist that will guide the client in making choices of Custom fireplace mantels for the best results, and they will assist the customer through buying to the installation of the custom fireplace mantel. Equally we offer Limestone fireplace surround and Italian marble fireplace surround. To contact Marvelous Marble Design Inc. call 1-888-272-0630 and our customer care will offer very friendly assistance.

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Beautiful Indiana Limestone Fireplace Mantel

Marvelous Marble Designs Inc. is redefining homes by providing spectacular limestone fireplace mantel for custom décor living rooms. The designs from which a person can choose are myriad from the hand curved French limestone mantel to Indiana Limestone mantel and over mantel in high ceiling grate rooms. These designs are worked on by highly skilled craftsmen who are top in producing mantel designs. It is particularly notable how the Marvelous Marble Design Inc. has over time remained the favorite Interior décor partner to several high profile homeowners and Hotel owners in the Cities like New York, Florida, Beverly Hills, California, Bel Air, Palm Beach, Long Island and Manhattan. This is due to the perpetual delivery of quality products and which is now availed to Indiana.

indiana limestone fireplace mantel

Hand Carved Indiana Limestone Fireplace Mantel

There are varied colours in which Indiana residents can have their limestone fireplace mantels such as Dark travertine, Classic travertine, Ivory travertine, Norce travertine, Indiana buff among others. Using these colours different designs are produced in their finest form and design. The Gothic design fireplace mantel is very conspicuous and goes with most of the fine architectural designs and interior décor. It produces a very spectacular flair and beauty in an imposing way. The sight of the design in its finest piece conjures passion and aura of appreciation in the face of the beholder. The limestone fireplace surround and the Italian marble surround are a finishing that does the magic to a particular design. The limestone mantel piece that is done with this finish stands out and commands admiration from any eye set on it.

Making a large custom limestone mantel is not an issue with the Marvelous Marble Design Inc. because this is one of their specialties and will be delivered in the required design and color. In relation to this, Marvelous also produces limestone French design mantel in French chateaux. Visiting the Marvelous Marble Company is visiting a place with unlimited possibilities as all your needs of fireplace mantel and interior décor products will be fulfilled in an amazing way.

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Marble and Limestone Fireplace Mantel in Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the regions that need to be cozy and welcoming. Since it is the one place you retire to after a hard work day, it should provide all the comforts necessary to keep it welcoming and one such element is Italian limestone fireplace mantel. This makes it easy for you to improve the décor of your bedroom and also highlights the fireplace by increasing its beauty and appeal. Unlike in the past when custom décor living room was considered the only essential décor, things have changed and the bedroom has become just as important demanding attention. The mantel piece is a major source of attraction and this can be enhanced further by limestone fireplace mantel with TV on top.

limestone fireplace mantel

Limestone Mantel in Mansions bedroom

Mostly used in the most affluent Custom built homes, mansions , the large custom fireplace mantel has become a décor aspect that cannot be overlooked and this is largely because of the benefits they offer such as increase the property value and the overall beauty. These comes in different designs and while this is the case, one of the most popular options of the gothic design fireplace mantel which is designed  uniquely and the French design mantel in French chateau.

For those interested in limestone mantel and over mantel in high ceiling grate room can also get the same. The designs of the marble mantel in bedroom differ and it is for this reason that it is deemed ideal to select one that compliments the look and style of your bedroom. This is the only way to ensure that you get what you bargained for in the first place by choosing this type of fireplace surround. Limestone fireplace surround also comes in handy when used in your homes as a means of accentuating your fireplace surround.

Marvelous Marble Design Inc. is one of the leading companies of these services and they are based in North America. However, it is possible to find their branches in Canada and US. For more information on how they can assist you, call 1-888-272-0630.

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Limestone Travertine Fireplace Mantel Surround

The fireplace is the one place where you and your family can have a good time and have great, relaxing moments together. With a family room in luxury house in Beverly Hills, California you should ensure you install the best limestone travertine fireplace mantel. Enhancing your living room with classic French limestone is the best way to create a classic look and there are several ways through which to accomplish this end. Limestone can be incorporated in different types of mantels for the purpose of creating custom décor living room and ending up with a fireplace that defines the uniqueness of your family living room.

limestone travertine fireplace mantel

Custom Design light Cream Fireplace Surround

Through use of limestone travertine mantel, it is possible to come up with a limestone mantel piece that is unique. This has worked in many Beverly Hills and Florida mansions and it can work for you as well. Ranked among one of the best, precious and valuable stones, limestone has been used for the purpose of enhancing the décor of bungalows and mansions for the purpose of increasing the level of luxury. In essence, Italian marble fireplace surround offers not only warmth but an aesthetic grandeur that is unrivaled to your home. For the purpose of enhancing the fireplace further, you can also two story limestone for marble fireplace mantel.

Marvelous Marble Design Inc is known as the leading designer of large custom limestone fireplace mantel and other solutions and it is for this reason that they continue to deliver high quality services to all its clientele. Based in North America and with another branch in the US and Canada, the company delivers great solutions that increase the level of luxury within your home. By using limestone travertine mantel in your home, you completely transform the look of your mansion fireplace with ease. What is more, you can also get a hand carved French limestone mantel which looks superb when limestone is used on the sides to enhance its look.

For more information on the solutions offered by Marvelous Marble Design Inc. call 1-888-272-0630.

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French Louis Marble Fireplace Mantel Design in Dining Room

It is a great idea to decorate your fireplace especially if it is in your dinning room as it can add value and class. You can achieve balance and harmony in your dining room by picking the best hand carved French louis marble fireplace mantel. This is because it helps in highlighting the beauty of your fireplace and also in enhancing the looks of your dinning room. Many homeowners who are used to custom décor living room, but there are many other marble fireplace mantels that you can choose.

french louis marble fireplace mantel

You can also go for the two story limestone for marble fireplace mantel that will also look elegant and chic for your dinning room. This is a great mental design that will not only leave your room looking fabulous, but it will also transform the room into a handsomely textured habitat and give the room a better ambience. There are many benefits of a fireplace in dining room. It will not only add beauty, but it will also act as a heating apparatus that you can decorate with the best gothic design limestone fireplace mantel. This mantle design will add an old charm to your room that you may have been looking for a long duration.

If your fireplace is large enough, you can go for the large custom limestone fireplace mantel that will also fit the fireplace perfectly. This mantle has come down through ages and will definitely mesmerize you and your familiy. Another design that willl fit your large fireplace is the Italian marble fireplace surround as they are a centerpiece for every setting in your home.

Many people living in New York, Palm Beach, Manhattan and Beverly hills among other citiesfind it hard to find the best limestone mantel piece. But there is one company that will satisfy your needs and requirements and it has to be Marvelous Marble Design Inc. This is a highly reputed company that has branches in Canada and US. And so, if you need marble mantel with TV on top or French design mantel in french chateau among other mantle designs, you can call 1-888-272-0630and make your request.

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Custom Marble Fireplace Mantel In Connecticut Mansions

Marvelous Marble Design Inc. is the leading supplier of marble fireplace mantels and many other stone products and has branches in Canada and US, although it has been reaching other parts of the world through the internet. This company has been successful not only because of its craftmen but also because of the services it has been offering its clients. Therefore, if you are planning tio beautify your fireplace, this company is ready to offer you the best limestone mantel piece for your fireplace.  There are many other mantel designs that you should be aware of if you are visting these company for the first time.

custom marble fireplace mantel

Limestone fireplace surround is one design that you should go for as it will transform the look of your Connecticut mansions and even make them one of the most envied in the region. At Marvelous Marble Design Inc., you will come across experienced craftsmen who will offer you great custom décor living room ideas that you should put into consideration and improve the look of your mansion. If you live in New York, Manhattan, Beverly hills, Long island, Florida, Palm beach, Bel air or any other sorrounding area, there are a few things that you should put into consideration when choosing the hand carved french limestone mantel, French design mantel in french chateau or Italian marble fireplace surround and mantel designs.

First and foremost, you need to look at the size of your fireplace and so you will get the opportunity to choose a mantel design that will fit perfectly. This is because there are different types to choose and so, you need to know whether you will go for the large custom limestone fireplace mantel or two story limestone mantels among others. As for the cost, Marvelous Marble Design Inc. will always offer them at affordable prices regardless of the design that you will choose. Thus, if you want marble mantel with TV on top, you will get this unique, high quality and durable mantel design at budget-friendly prices. Nevertheless, if you need some of these mantels or more information, you can call 1-888-272-0630 and get assistance.

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Cast Limestone Fireplace Mantel

 Cast stone is architectural concrete mostly used in masonry unit applications. It is a good substitute for limestone that is naturally cut. Some people prefer to have the cast stone fireplace mantles especially if you want to give your living room a unique and exquisite design. Others can choose to have the Italian marble fireplace surround or the Gothic design fireplace mantel. However, not many people know where to start when choosing the design that they want for their fireplace mantles. Quality of the cast limestone is a major concern for those who wish to remodel their living rooms with a luxurious material.

cast limestone fireplace

Fortunately, the search is over because it does not matter whether you want the marble mantel with TV on top or the limestone mantel pieces; they can be found at Marvelous Marble Design Inc. They have a wide collection of natural cast limestone  or natural marble fireplace mantel designs that you can choose from. Marvelous Marble Design Inc is a company located in North America well known for serving so many clients with their elegant and sophisticated collections. Their unique designs are created in such a way that they suit the clients’ custom décor living room.

There are many designs that clients can choose from. Even those that come from high end locations such as long island New York can find something as well as custom décor for a family room in a luxury house in Beverly Hills California. Here at Marvelous Marble Design Inc, we have developed new styles as well as adopted some of the current trends. For a classic touch, we recommend that you also take a look at our Hand carved French limestone mantel & two story limestone or marble fireplace mantel

Currently trending in cast limestone fireplace mantles is the TV in over the mantle. This is a design where you can place your flat screen plasma TV over the fireplace mantle. The fireplace mantle can be changed into a focal point for entertainment as well as keep a room looking lively. We design this mantle in such a way that the cable outlets and the power outlets can readily be hooked up.

Visit us on our website and check out some of the new trends in the caste stone fireplace mantels or call us on 1-888-272-0630 for more information.

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White Marble Fireplace Mantel

The fireplace is viewed as the heart of any home and this is because it provides love and warmth. The enduring strength and timeless beauty of French limestone expresses the heritage associated with the fireplace. There is no other material that equals cast limestone fireplace surround a fact that is attributed to its smooth texture, natural color and the ability to enhance the glow and reflecting the glow of a flickering fireplace. These come in elegant yet simple designs and some of the options at your disposal include gothic design fireplace mantel and French design mantel in French chateau which is appealing and attractive to look at.

white marble fireplace mantel

These designs have the appealing of increasing the appeal of custom décor living room and it is for this reason that they are used in most high end property in locations such as Chicago, Toronto, Palm Beach Florida, Beverly Hills California, Los Angels California or Taxes. If these have the ability of working in these regions, you can also rest assured that it will work perfectly for you. The family room in luxury house in Beverly Hills California will not only provide the desired cozy and warmth but its value will also increase a triple fold because of the marble mantel with TV on top installed. There are endless options for material to choose from in this case and top on the list is Spanish cream marfil.

Other options that you might also consider and which also aid in increasing the value of your home include hand carved French limestone mantel which is custom made to meet your specifications and limestone mantle piece. For the best cast limestone fireplace mantel, you should not look any further than Marvelous Marble Design Inc. a company based in North America. It has offices in the US and Canada an aspect that ensures clients in these regions also benefit from the high quality fireplace surrounds solutions they offer. For more information, call 1-888-272-0630.

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Limestone Fireplace Mantel With TV on Top

There is nothing more attractive than a properly designed with Limestone mantel piece. Such fittings will always make your room appear stylish. They will also add character, charm and beauty to your room. This is even more attractive if it has a TV space on top.  The good thing is that there are so many designs of marble fireplace mantel with TV on top that you can choose.  Therefore, finding the right marble mantels for your house shouldn’t give you stress. You can now find your best designs without moving an inch from your comfort zone thanks to Marvelous Marble Design Inc. We are always dedicated to providing high quality French limestone or marble mantels with TV on top.  We also take pride in providing both prefabricated and customized mantels.

limestone fireplace mantel

french limestone louis design fireplace mantel

When you are choosing your limestone mantel with TV on top it is always important that you consider its size and style. A good limestone mantel should match the style and design of your room. The good thing is that Marvelous Marble Design Inc. provides a wide variety of limestone or marble mantels with attractive designs.  These custom design mantels are also designed to suit different styles and décor. If you want to have a hand carved French limestone mantel, we will provide it for you. Our designers are always dedicated to giving property owners the best types of mantels.

What is more, we are also experts in producing different types of limestone fireplace surround fittings. For instance, we can provide you with a high quality French design mantel in French chateau that will transform your ordinary living room into a highly valuable space. In fact, you will be able to use these fittings to make a central point of attraction in your living room. Always choose a limestone mantel with TV on top because they provide enhanced architectural designs in the room.  If you want to contact us, call 1-888-272-0630.

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Limestone Fireplace Surround in Rhode Island Mansions

Limestone and especially the French Limestone is among the most valuable and precious stones that have been used for several years in enhancing the decor of various mansions and even bungalows. This is a true indication of the degree of prestige and luxury that using limestone can bring into your mansion. One of the areas where limestone has been used in Rhode Island mansions is in the enhancement of fireplaces. Limestone fireplace surround will not only give the house a feeling of some warmth but also unrivaled aesthetic grandeur. To be able to enhance the fireplace even further with Limestone, you can also include limestone mantel with over mantel. This has got the power to transform the overall look of the fireplace in your mansion with very little effort.  A hand carved fireplace mantel will also still look perfect when enhanced with limestone on the sides.

limestone fireplace surround

The fireplace is a place where you and your loved one or entire family can spend some time after dinner to share great moments in a very relaxed mood. Based on the value of a mansion, it would just be fair if you also enhanced the fireplace with a classic look through the use of limestone in different parts. Besides, you can also incorporate limestone in different kinds of mantels to be able to customize the fireplace in the best way that suits your lifestyle. You are also able to enhance the modern fireplace mantel design with a touch of limestone to come up with a unique and exceptional fireplace mantel design. Using limestone travertine mantel is also a another great way of coming up with a classic fireplace mantel in your mansion. In fact, there are several techniques through which you are able to make the most distinct and accommodative fireplace in your mansion. All these have been tried and worked in different places apart from just the Rhode island mansions, they can work for you too.

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Limestone Fireplace Surround

A limestone fireplace surround can transform the look of your living room and make it one of the most envied rooms. At Marvelous Marble Design Inc, the limestone fireplace surround ideas given to clients are the best in terms of increasing the attractiveness of this room that is used by almost everyone. There are several aspects taken into consideration before the construction of the fireplace surround. For starters, the size of the fireplace is taken into consideration and this is for the purpose of determining what will work best. This is largely because there are different types of surrounds to choose from. This helps determine whether you need the large custom limestone fireplace mantel or the two story limestone for marble fireplace mantel.

limestone fireplace surround

Additionally, you can also choose to opt for the Italian marble fireplace surround or the French limestone. All these aspects are taken into consideration in accordance to the general outlook of your home for the purpose of ensuring that no clash is witnessed in the décor. The best thing about limestone fireplace surround by Marvelous Marble Design Inc. is the fact that it is designed to suit different types of décor and depending on a clients needs, it can be custom made to meet the specifications.

Limestone fireplace surround stands out because of the design used and in this case, there are hundreds of designs to choose from. While this is the case, some of the options you might take into consideration include the Gothic design fireplace mantel and the Spanish cream marfil among others. Due to the diversity of designs, it is advisable to take a tour through the limestone fireplace surround gallery in order to select a design that measures up to your needs and expectations. More importantly, you want to make sure that the limestone fireplace surround is the ideal choice for your needs and this call for consultations with the Marvelous Marble Design Inc. experts. For more information, call 1-888-272-0630.

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Antique Marble Fireplace Mantel in Manhattan New York

High end residential property is on high demand despite the state of the economy and this is largely because they are designed with antique marble fireplace. If you are interested in buying this type of property though, it is ideal to look at some of the aspects that define it in order to make an informed decision. When buying this type of property, the fireplace is what determines whether you enjoy the benefits it offers and for this reason, you should make your choice after much thought. In this case, the Italian marble fireplace surround is a popular choice and this is because it increases the appeal and value of the house.

antique marble fireplace mantel

In most cases, high end residential property with antique marble is located within financial centers. Most of these are located in regions and cities that have financial centers that are powerful whether it is in the manufacturing or banking center. With the advancement of globalization and thanks to the antique marble, these aspects are intertwined and further increase the value of the property. Another defining factor is the quality of the Italian marble fireplace surround construction. In this case, the high end residential property is known to be constructed using high quality craftsmen and fittings in order to ensure that the antique marble fireplace comes out looking great.

Before you buy this type of property with Italian marble fireplace surround, there are a couple of things you need to consider.

-Start preparing your budget as soon as you make up your mind to invest in this type of property. This is important as it ensures that you settle with high end residential property that does not mess up with your financial stability.

-If you don’t understand the market well, you should consider the possibility of hiring a high end residential real estate. They will guide you through the process of selecting the best property for your needs.

-You have to settle on the location you intend to buy the high end residential property. Keep in mind that this will also go a long way to influence the cost of the property.

Keep in mind that the availability of antique marble only fireplace mantel only serves to increase the appeal and comfort of the property.

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Antique 302 French Marble Mantle

Antique 302 is a French Marble mantle that has very precise and meticulous carvings. These carvings are done by our expert carvers at our masonry.  This mantel can be custom made to best fit any professionally designed room in your custom built mansion. This piece is a replica of a very famous and old medieval French piece.  This mantel has very beautiful flowers and seashells on the corbels as well a scroll design.

french marble mantle

This mantel piece is hollow and sturdy. A great addition to this piece would be an over mantle. Antique 302 can also be placed on a raised hearth or a flat hearth. A raised hearth can also be used as a small bench on cold nights. This piece will look great in a bedroom, living room, family room, great room or an entrance. For further information about this piece, please visit our website at or call us at 1-888-272-0630.

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Athena French Limestone Fireplace Mantel With Over

Athena is a beautiful and simple fireplace mantel that brings out the best in your custom built home. This mantle has an over mantel that is a tile style design. This French limestone fireplace mantel is carved out of pure French Limestone by an expert carver at our masonry. This custom built fireplace mantle can be varied in size to best fit your measurements in your custom designed space.

french limestone fireplace mantel

This fireplace mantel consists of 2 corbels on each side of the fireplace as well as a raised hearth which can also be custom made to flush into the ground. The raised hearth can be used as a small seating area next to the hot warm fire on a cold winter night. This fireplace can also be used to surround your LCD TV. The LCD TV can be placed into the over mantel of your fireplace. For further information please call us at 1-888-272-0630 or visit our website at .

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Davinci Italian Limestone Fireplace Mantel

Detail is what every custom built house could use, so why not yours. With this elegantly designed custom built Italian limestone fireplace mantel, you’re house will be fit for a king.  Beautiful precisely hand carved  designs will be the centerpiece of any custom built mansion.  A great piece for living rooms and family rooms implying a cozy and warm feeling into any space.

italian limestone fireplace mantel

With a double corbel supporting the weight of the mantelpiece adding extra beauty and strength, your fireplace mantel will look luxurious and stand strong. Above the fireplace mantel, there is a tile design canopy that can either reach to your ceiling or not.  Above the gorgeous canopy there is a crown molding that can also be placed all along your custom built mansion, making all your rooms and center pieces mix together to fit well. For further information on this beautiful piece please visit us at or call us toll free at 1-888-272-0630.

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Cast, Marble and French Limestone Fireplace Mantel

You can’t imagine any family room and living room in a luxury home in California without a French limestone fireplace mantel or marble fireplace mantel .  you can have the LCD TV on top of your family room fireplace mantel.

french limestone fireplace mantel

french limestone louis design fireplace mantel

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