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The Italian Renaissance Fireplace Surrounds

Have you ever heard of the unconquerable mountain? If you do not take interest in world affairs, then you haven’t heard this saying! It is a Chinese saying, a saying whose origin can be traced back to thousands of years ago. Those who love history may wish to learn more about the saying. But what does this saying having to do with your custom built home? Frankly speaking there is so much. I believe that there is nothing like unconquerable mountain.

fireplace surrounds

When building your high end home you will definitely encounter a few hurdles here and there. But with good planning you can overcome virtually anything which crosses your path. Today, on the streets and even in houses people are bundled against the cold. The frigid weather is certainly getting the better of people. Bone chilling cold is finding its way into luxurious homes as well. This to some is one of the unconquerable mountains!

With the Italian Renaissance fireplace surrounds in your home you can conquer the cold. Superlatives of cold talk which abound today would not be part of your vocabulary. The fireplace mantel is crafted from Bianco Calacatta marble. The natural stone caresses you as you walk by. It anticipates your passions and pleasantly surprises you with every turn. Bianco Calacatta simply gives you a durable fireplace capable of withstanding the intense heat generated by the logs.

The Italian Renaissance fireplace is a marble masterpiece that you can use to decorate your custom built home. Its sophisticated design in a unique Italian Renaissance style presents an interesting focal point in any room where the fireplace is installed. The fireplace is elaborately decorated to leave a lasting impression. The décor on the fireplace mantel includes finely hand sculptured carvings of scrolls and acanthus leaf.

This fireplace is simply gorgeous! In its white color it compliments any décor that is present in the room. The side angled jambs and an ornate frieze which displays flawless wonderful flower detail in pure white.

As the National Weather Service predicts more deep freeze you would be enjoying a warm and welcoming space in your luxury home. The roaring fireplace ensures that heat is evenly distributed in your entire home. Over a glass of your favorite drink you can spend long hours sitting down watching the blizzard outside. You can get to learn more about the Italian Renaissance fireplace by simply logging onto Marvelous Marble Design Inc.


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