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Crown limestone fireplace surrounds


How important is the limestone fireplace surround in your luxury home? Truthfully speaking everything else in the house is a side show – some kind of a curtain raiser. The fireplace surround is the real deal. So you need to invest in a fireplace surround that gives your custom built home a spectacular outlook.

The fireplace surround is definitely your hidden card, a card that you won’t be playing openly. This is going to be the ultimate piece that delivers the killer punch! Anyone who steps into your custom built home’s luxurious space will be awed by the finesse of the home. Everything will be made possible by the fireplace surround.

limestone fireplace surround

But could there be a fireplace surround that is better than all the others in the market? If so, which one is it? As of now the answer is yes. This means that some surrounds will prevail over others. One of the most outstanding, beautifully designed fireplace surrounds is in the form of the Crown Fireplace surround.

The fireplace surround features some unique characteristics which set it apart from all the other surrounds. The Crown as is popularly referred to is rich in detail. The surround is hand carved by professional artisans. The piece is carved from Burgundy’s limestone – natural stone with a clear white patina. The Crown offers traditional styling with a touch of contemporary design.

The crown is naturally durable and it will age gracefully in your dream home. You can use this elegantly designed piece as a surround only or with an added crown. Adding a crown to the surround creates a more spectacular finish. The Crown comes in two. The smaller Crown Fireplace Surround which measures 60.5 inches and the larger one which is 73 inches, measured from the outside edge of the top mantel.

The fireplace marries the visual weight of natural stone with world old charm to the sleek lines and details of contemporary fireplaces. The marrying of the two provides you with the best option to transforming an ordinary fireplace into a stunning centerpiece. It is a truly one of a kind masterpiece with the effect of delivering a unique focal point for your home.

With a beautiful piece in the form of the Crown limestone Fireplace Surround you can order your pop corn, sit back and enjoy the great atmosphere which fills your space. Apart from the two default sizes you can have the fireplace surround customized for your home. To learn more about the Crown Fireplace Surround visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc.



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