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The Milano Tuscan Fireplace Mantel

What is it about fireplaces and names? There say the name is everything. The name gives you an idea of the look and feel of the fireplace mantel. You can create an image of the fireplace in your mind once you are given its name. I normally do this, how about you? If you know your fireplaces, you only need the name to gauge the suitability of the fireplace for your project.

What is the Milano Tuscan Theme Fireplace? It is a stately, sleek modern fireplace. It is the all important accessory that you need to set your space to aglow. This particular fireplace will not just give you a warm and cozy ambiance, it will make life more interesting. It will set the stage for romantic evenings around the beautiful embers.

Limestone fireplace mantel with over mantel

Define your indoor space with this fantastic rectangular natural stone fireplace. The fireplace will help maximize your views beyond while still providing you with a comfy room to take in the fireplace and décor. Crafted from pure white French limestone, the color helps to lighten the look of this new focal point.  This is the type of fireplace that demands attention. Its distinctive style will ensure that your guests are unable to keep their eyes off.

The simple design of the Italian limestone Tuscan fireplace mantel keeps the focus on the stunning corbels. Strong and sturdy the legs or corbels are able to provide the fireplace with great support. The corbels incorporate famous Italian creations with today’s ingenuity in art. The whole piece is a mixture of classical styling with a Tuscan theme.

The fireplace has been thoroughly tested and is listed as a functional and decorative heating solution. The Milano will withstand abuse and if maintained properly will last for generations. The beautiful French limestone ensures that this fireplace ages gracefully. Twenty years from now and the fireplace will still be looking as stunning as ever in your luxury home.

This French limestone fireplace is crafted and availed in different sizes to fit just about any space in your custom built home. If you want it in your bedroom, it can be chiseled to allow it to fit right there where you want it. Every aspect about the fireplace can be custom proportioned to your liking. To learn more about the elegant flowery Italian marble floor mosaic, call our design experts at 1-888-272-0630. We are on a mission to beautify your custom built home, just give us a call and we will give you a product made out of the finest natural stone.

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