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How To Choose The Ideal Antique Marble Fireplace Mantel in Manhattan

Are you searching for the ideal antique marble fireplace mantel in Manhattan New York? If yes, you need to take note of the fact that there are various benefits of antique reproduction instead. Designers have succeeded in creating exquisite reproductions of marble antique. An expert is he who is capable of duplicating the real antique fireplaces that have been salvaged in marble or limestone.

antique marble fireplace mantel

Because most of the antique mantels that  we have today such as Indiana limestone fireplace mantel, cast or custom limestone fireplace mantel originally were carved in the marble, most designers in Manhattan New York work in the reproductions  of stone to do.

The expert designers in cities such as the already stated New York, Dallas and Vancouver require the clients to show them for example an antique marble mantel and then let you specify the marble color that you desire and then confirm the real dimensions  that you require.

Additionally, if the client needs patina so that the stonework can be given aged look, the Manhattan New York designers produce the mantel in matte or honed finish. They can also produce limestone fireplace surround that virtually replicates the antique while featuring craftsmanship that is of as high level as the original and in most cases at cost that is considerably less.

By choosing the reproduction of antique, as the client, you can avoid the usually hidden costs of adapting the work that has been salvaged in to site that is in existence. The antique mantel’s dimensions cannot be adjusted easily.  You cannot specify the veining and color of the stone.  If a piece breaks during installation or while in transit, it is close to impossible to properly replace or repair that piece. With the reproduction of antique, the designing of stonework is done to fist the site exactly in the design and color that you have specified.

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