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Exquisite Classical Louis XV Marble Fireplace Mantel

Give your living room classical French touch by installing this exquisite classical xv marble fireplace mantel. It is a worthwhile investment for people who want to create a classical interior design with French appeal. This fireplace mantel has been in use for a long time and comes with graceful Rococo lines that are inspired by traditional French designs. With this fireplace mantel, you can easily turn your living room into an expensive and illustrious space that everyone will admire. It has a special effect that is appealing to the eye and therefore will serve as the focal point in the room.

marble fireplace mantel

Do you want something that grabs your attention whenever you enter your living room? If so, then a classical Louis XV marble fireplace mantel is what you need. Its design and patterns will catch your eye the moment you set your foot into the room. In fact, this fireplace mantel tends to dominate the interior space, pushing other décor elements to the background. It will definitely stand out irrespective of how many decorative units you have put in place. So, if you want to make a statement with your interior design, do not leave out this amazing décor element.

This hand carved classical Louis XV marble fireplace mantel features two intricately carved legs with acanthus flower designs that will keep your eyes glued to the unit trying to figure out the inspiration behind such detailed patterns. These flora and fauna drops are carefully designed to ensure that they bring out the real value of the unit. Its white shades make it highly versatile and accommodating as it can be used alongside other ornamental elements without a conflict. Since this is a neutral color, you are at liberty to use any other type of shade without distorting the desired overall interior design.

The fineness and accuracy of every part of this classical Louis XV marble fireplace mantel characterizes the outright thoroughness that went into it. It’s a special piece of art that will help you make a statement with your interior space. The understated floral design and shiny marble make this mantel highly resourceful as it can be used in almost any part of the house. If you need a mantel for your bedroom, then this unit is a great choice. It is carved from a special type of marble that holds delicate and refined details. Plus, its creamy ivory white shades keeps it looking new for many years.

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