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Limestone Fireplace Surround in Rhode Island Mansions

Limestone and especially the French Limestone is among the most valuable and precious stones that have been used for several years in enhancing the decor of various mansions and even bungalows. This is a true indication of the degree of prestige and luxury that using limestone can bring into your mansion. One of the areas where limestone has been used in Rhode Island mansions is in the enhancement of fireplaces. Limestone fireplace surround will not only give the house a feeling of some warmth but also unrivaled aesthetic grandeur. To be able to enhance the fireplace even further with Limestone, you can also include limestone mantel with over mantel. This has got the power to transform the overall look of the fireplace in your mansion with very little effort.  A hand carved fireplace mantel will also still look perfect when enhanced with limestone on the sides.

limestone fireplace surround

The fireplace is a place where you and your loved one or entire family can spend some time after dinner to share great moments in a very relaxed mood. Based on the value of a mansion, it would just be fair if you also enhanced the fireplace with a classic look through the use of limestone in different parts. Besides, you can also incorporate limestone in different kinds of mantels to be able to customize the fireplace in the best way that suits your lifestyle. You are also able to enhance the modern fireplace mantel design with a touch of limestone to come up with a unique and exceptional fireplace mantel design. Using limestone travertine mantel is also a another great way of coming up with a classic fireplace mantel in your mansion. In fact, there are several techniques through which you are able to make the most distinct and accommodative fireplace in your mansion. All these have been tried and worked in different places apart from just the Rhode island mansions, they can work for you too.

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