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Cast Limestone Fireplace Mantel

 Cast stone is architectural concrete mostly used in masonry unit applications. It is a good substitute for limestone that is naturally cut. Some people prefer to have the cast stone fireplace mantles especially if you want to give your living room a unique and exquisite design. Others can choose to have the Italian marble fireplace surround or the Gothic design fireplace mantel. However, not many people know where to start when choosing the design that they want for their fireplace mantles. Quality of the cast limestone is a major concern for those who wish to remodel their living rooms with a luxurious material.

cast limestone fireplace

Fortunately, the search is over because it does not matter whether you want the marble mantel with TV on top or the limestone mantel pieces; they can be found at Marvelous Marble Design Inc. They have a wide collection of natural cast limestone  or natural marble fireplace mantel designs that you can choose from. Marvelous Marble Design Inc is a company located in North America well known for serving so many clients with their elegant and sophisticated collections. Their unique designs are created in such a way that they suit the clients’ custom décor living room.

There are many designs that clients can choose from. Even those that come from high end locations such as long island New York can find something as well as custom décor for a family room in a luxury house in Beverly Hills California. Here at Marvelous Marble Design Inc, we have developed new styles as well as adopted some of the current trends. For a classic touch, we recommend that you also take a look at our Hand carved French limestone mantel & two story limestone or marble fireplace mantel

Currently trending in cast limestone fireplace mantles is the TV in over the mantle. This is a design where you can place your flat screen plasma TV over the fireplace mantle. The fireplace mantle can be changed into a focal point for entertainment as well as keep a room looking lively. We design this mantle in such a way that the cable outlets and the power outlets can readily be hooked up.

Visit us on our website and check out some of the new trends in the caste stone fireplace mantels or call us on 1-888-272-0630 for more information.

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