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Make Your Bedroom Warm And Comfortable by Installing a custom Fireplace Mantels in Manhattan, New York

The installation of limestone fireplace mantel in the bedroom is bound to make it warmer, cozier and more comfortable. Few homeowners may be prepared to take up this challenge and fit the mantel in their bedroom. This does not mean that others have failed to install mantels in their bedrooms. The bold owners have gone ahead to fit features such as unique design of limestone mantel in the bedrooms. 


Your bedroom should be a place where you find the opportunity to rest and relax after a long day or night at work. In order for it to perform its role well, or for you to enjoy it better, you will have to think of creative ways of making it warmer, or cozier than it is at the moment. If you install limestone mantel with TV on top properly, this ought to kick-start the rest of the exercise or project.


Don’t let the location of your house be a hindrance to you as you embark on fitting either a custom fireplace mantels or an Indiana limestone fireplace mantel into your bedroom. This can be done whether your house is in Holmby Hills, San Diego or Orange County, California. As long as you select suitable type of mantel for your bedroom, don’t let the location kill your creativity or put you down.


The fireplace mantel must be installed at the right height from the floor in the bedroom. This will enable it to play a major role in the overall design, style and beauty of the room. Moreover, if you select the right height, you can make the most out of the space that is available in this room. On the average, it is instructive that the height of the fireplace from the floor be kept at a distance of around 18-24 inches.

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